No, this page has nothing to do with Darwinism,
just a listing of some of Spud's favourite rest stops on the 'net!
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National Potato Council
- Spud's Government

The Official Mr. Potato Head Web Page
- The humble abode of the Hasbro potato

Mr Potato Mash
- Simply the best custom Potato head site. His Horror collection of Potato heads rule!

The Little People meet Mr. Potato Head
- Who would win if they all went into the wrestling ring...enquiring minds want to know!

- The Potato Head clan are on the lam from the Evil Spud Peeler!

Bert Jnr - the blog of a traveling potato
- The brain dumps and such of a UK potato

The Potatoes
- A British band that are trying to take their tater-tunes to the Top of the Pops

Wexford Potatoes
- A great site dedicated to my Irish brethren

The Legend of Limpy and Lumpy
- A great kids book chronicling the quest of a limpy french fry and lumpy mashed potato to be liberated from the buffet table

- Alright, so its a bit shameful to promote the tortue and consumption of my fellow tatos, but what can I say, they look awfully tasty!

Spud's Pizza
Berkeley's home to the infamous Potato Pizza!

Traveling Info 

The Thorn Tree
- Without a doubt, the most helpful travel bulletin board on the net

- Post your own travelogue or use it to research a destination!

- An informative guide to backpacking and budget travel

The National Park Service
- Get some culture! Visit the park next door!

Roadside America
- The bible of the tacky tourist

Mysterious Places
- Read more about Stonehenge and Easter Island

Moving Moais
- Try your hand at moving the Easter Island moais - the secret's in the potatoes!

Large Canadian Roadside Attractions
- Canada's collection of oversized oddities and collosal claims to fame!

Fellow World Travelers

Lost Luggage Tales
- A collection of real stories from insane adventurers

- A herd of stuffed oinkers is on the loose - run for your lives!!

Little Peppe
- A micro donkey tours the globe aboard a cruise ship

Beans around the World
- I'm not the only food product that collects frequent flyer miles...

Hey Gringo!
- A dislocated Englishman's adventures in Latin America

Betty's Travel Kiosk
- She's been all over the world and got the pictures to prove it!

Wired 2 the World
- See the world for the low low price of $38 K!

Cuture Connect
- A bevy of travelogues from around the globe!

Tourist Bud
- The globe trotting Montgomery Ward mannequin

Oernie the Swede
- He travels, he skydives ... sounds alot like Spud!

Triangle Unfinished Travels
- More world travels - some focused on my hometown of Calgary!

The Millennium Journey
- Travel along with Jim Rogers (the Investment Biker) in a 3 year tour of the world

Jan's Journeys
- Jan has whipped together a pleasant potpourri of travel info of many destinations!

Kinga & Chopin
- Join these two as they hitch hike around the world - Hey Guys !  Watch out for Rutger Hauer!

- Daniel Cronk's groovy exploits and photos from his worldly travels

Travel Independent
- Backpacking on a budget? - tips galore can be found here!

PeeWee's big adventure
- Fresh from his prison release, Peewee Herman sets off for a global adventure

Mr. Wombat
- He's fuzzy and smuggles contraband in a pouch..he's Mr. Wombat!

Monkey - the world traveler
- A stuffed primate hits the road - guess what his name is?

World Backpackers
- Loads of wandering souls

World in Focus
- This guy gets around!

World Traveling Partners
- I prefer to travel alone, but these guys travel together. Cheaper hotel bills at least!

Magic Photo World
- Yeah, I thought it had nothing to do with travel too, but one click and I was wrong!

The Grab Bag 

Jayski's Silly Season Page
- Spud doesn't do Indy Cars!! NASCAR is where it's at!

Silly Dude
- Loads of time to waste away?  This place'll keep you occupied!

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