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Spud visits the ancient ParthenonMaking the journey to ancient Athens was like traveling back to the beginning of civilization. Spud found it hard to comprehend that the Greek capital was over 3500 years old. The great city is filled with amazing antiquities and Spud had to visit as many as possible.

The first stop for any traveler to Greece is the Acropolis. This mammoth rocky outcropping is at the heart of Athens and was the home of the virgin goddess Athena. The Akropolis is populated by a number of temples that were built as shrines to Athena under the guise of the great statesman, Pericles. Most of these towering edifices were hewn from pentelic marble, built to last through the ages. Although most of the temples are in various states of ruin, Spud marveled at how well the numerous souvenir kiosks have stood the test of time.

Spud checks out the ancient babes: The Caryatid MaidensThe crown jewel of the Akropolis is the Parthenon; considered the greatest monument of Doric architecture in all of Greece. Built between 447 and 338 B.C., the temple housed the seldom seen statue of Athena Parthenos cast in gold & ivory. Now the Parthenon only houses scaffolding. 

As Spud continued his journey across the Akropolis, he came upon another architectural marvel: the Erechtheion. This building is quite unique in that it features columns in the shape of women (known as the Caryatid maidens) along it's western profile.

Spud learned that the Greek people are in the process of dismantling the Erechtheion in order to consolidate and re-erect the structure. Apparently the temple didn't meet the city's building codes.

Spud philosophises at the Odeion of Herodes AtticusThe tater's final stop at the Akropolis was to see the incredible Odeion of Herodes Atticus. This grand amphitheater at the foot of the cliff beneath the Parthenon has been the focus of festivals since it was first built in the 2nd century.

Spud gazed down into the immense wedge shaped auditorium and let his mind wander to the great men who may have occupied one of the seats centuries ago...The potato's tour guide suggested that Plato may have waxed philosophical while watching a play two millenniums before...Spud knew that wasn't possible though, as Diff'rent Strokes star Dana Plato wasn't even born until 1964 and the only thing she waxed was her legs.

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