Spud finds where the buffalo roam...South Dakota

Spud traveled to the Black Hills of South Dakota for the first time in late summer of 2000. Ever since seeing 'Dances with Wolves' he had always wanted to see the giant buffalo that freely roam the great plains like they have for hundreds of years. The best place to view these immense creatures is in Custer State Park in the northwest corner of the state.

The haven of Corporate downsizingThe giant bearded animals were congregating in large herds throughout the park. The interpretive center also provided Spud with a wealth of information on the buffalo - including an interesting fact the tuber had never realized: both potatoes and buffalo produce 'chips'!  Even though they had one on display to sample, Spud respectfully declined.

While traveling to his next destination, Spud passed through the sleepy town of Deadwood. He had always wondered where all the victims of corporate downsizing went when they were fired from their jobs and now he finally knew the answer! 

But the main reason for Spud's trip to South Dakota was to visit the state's greatest rock stars:  those four wacky presidents emblazoned into the cliff face of Mount Rushmore!

Unfortunately, his timing wasn't great. The day Spud arrived at the famous stone carving, was the same day for its annual maintenance and check up. The heads were crawling with workers that were busily grooming the American icons.

Spud hangs out with Dakota's rock stars at Mount RushmoreFor hours the team worked; from spit polishing Roosevelt's glasses  to clearing out unwanted debris and accumulation from the group's nasal passages. Lincoln took the longest as he had somehow managed to get spaghetti sauce all over his beard.

Finally the workers cleared out of the way long enough and Spud managed to get a photo of the monument. Within minutes, a helicopter flew overhead carrying a giant cotton swab Q-Tip. It was no bother though, as Spud had got what he came for.




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