Seattle, Washington
The tuber arrives at Boeing headquarters
Spud traveled to Washington in late June of 2000 to attempt to summit the state's crown jewel: Mount Rainier.  Of course, the inquisitive carbohydrate could not pass up an opportunity to explore the rest of the state while he was there.

The first stop on his itinerary was at the Boeing headquarters in Seattle.  While shopping at a local grocery store, Spud had noticed a note placed on the community bulletin board advertising a job opening at the aircraft manufacturer.  The company was looking for a pilot for the president's airplane; Air Force One.

Spud applies for a job at BoeingHis mind raced with the possibilities of where this job could take him:  Russia, Israel, China...the list seemed endless.  After auditioning for 3 hours in the flight simulator and writing 8 different psychological profile tests, the executive board at Boeing marveled at the potato's results.

The board called Spud into the conference room and offered him the position. Unfortunately, the tuber had to decline. While the signing bonus of 2 interns and a box of cigars was tempting, Spud can't support his lifestyle on minimum wage.

Spud pays his respects to Bruce LeeThe next stop for Spud was to visit the grave site and pay his respect to possibly the world's greatest action hero and master thespian:  Bruce Lee.  Spud had been a humble fan of the martial arts expert ever since first seeing him in Enter the Dragon at a drive-in theater.  The tuber was in awe of Lee's tremendous speed: He's the only actor that could speak faster than his words.

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