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Spud readies himself ro explore a lava tube

Spud first visited Rapa Nui in 1999 when he communed with his fellow brethren; the 'other' famous heads... the Moai of Easter Island. The potato bonded really closely with the stone boys, that when they had a family reunion in 2010, they extended an invite to Spud to return to the isolated island in the South Pacific. The tuber had 'unfinished business' from his last trip there that he jumped at the chance to return.

The last trip to the island Spud had discovered a large cave system formed from the old lava tubes that the dormant volcanoes had once carved. Hundreds of years ago the Spanish conquistadors arrived on the island and captured Rapa Nui's island people and took them as slaves to South America during the conquests of the Inca, Mayan and Aztecs. To try to escape, many islanders sought refuge in the labyrinth of underground tunnels beneath Rapa Nui.

The tato spelunks deep into the bowels of Easter Island

Today, most of this underground network of tunnels had not been explored so the tater was excited about what treasures he may uncover.

Spud arrived well equipped to spelunk. Fitted with headlamp and rope, the tato lowered himself into a fissure and began his journey through the serpentine entanglement of tunnelways. Unfortunately, after hours of searching, the tater did not discover any lost treasures; save for an empty bag of Doritos shamefully discarded near one of the cave entrances. Spud has zero respect for people who litter, so he was happy to take the trash with him.

The party isn't happening here - these guys are a bunch of stiffs!

Although he didn't find any rongo rongo boards in his search, the tater looked forward to the reunion party with the giant moai. He emerged at the site of Ahu Akivi where he was met by some of the rock figures. One would think that the moai would be partying up a storm, however these guys were not a talkative bunch, instead most were just staring blankly off into space and appeared to be stoned. The party was clearly not happening here.

Spud made his way to the village of Hanga Roa and found that party in full swing. The Pisco Sour was flowing and it wasn't long before Spud was in the bag. In fact his hangover lasted days after his 26 hour long flight return home.

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