Spud is the world's most-traveled Potato HeadWhat is Spud's Travels?

Good Question!  Spud is the world's most traveled Potato Head!
He's a crafty, resourceful potato who has a weakness for gambling, drink, female vegetables and a penchant for exploring!

This site is a collection of Spud's adventures around the globe. It's chock full of photos and wacky travelogues covering all reaches of mother earth.  All of the photos are real and were actually taken on location; no computer generated crap here!

The site is broken down into 5 main categories:

Spud's Story This is Spud's Biography. This will provide all the background knowledge you need to get inside the tuber's plastic head.
The Travel Archive This is where the travelogues are stored. The tuber has been on the road since 1989, so there's lots of adventures here to be found
It's organized into each country for easy navigation.
What's New? This is where you turn to find out what Spud's been up to of late!   The first place to stop if you become one of Spud's groupies!
Spud's Stuff This is where you can buy up a storm of your very own Spud merchandise!
Links As with all good web sites, Spud has a collection of sites that he likes to visit and you may too!

The tuber has met great people from all over the globe and he is only too happy to welcome you to his site.
Of course, no web site would be complete without the required legal stuff so...

Each of the photos and all of the content located on Spud's Web site are under copyright and are not to be copied, reproduced and/or downloaded for either commercial or non-commercial use without the express written consent of Timm J. Chapman.

Timm J Chapman is a fine art landscape and travel photographer whose other work can be found at http://www.onevisionphoto.com

In an effort to discourage the downloading of the images for unauthorized usage, most of the images included on Spud's Travels are from moderate to low resolution scans. Most are available as fine art prints and are also available for publication in on-line and/or print media.

If interested please contact the Author with your request and for pricing information. If you're interested in a screensaver or mouse pad with these images, please refer to Spud's stuff

If authorized usage is permitted for an image, then my copyright symbol ( Timm Chapman) must appear in all uses and a link back to this page must be included if used in a web site.

If you use them in a web site please e-mail me your URL so I can check it out.

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