Spud's millennium tour of the city of lightsThe world's largest museum apparently is in need of some zoning  restrictions... The return to Paris

The last few months of 2000 were tumultuous to say the least for Spud, so he thought it best to leave North America and seek some R&R overseas. It had been 3 years since he had 'crossed the pond' and the tuber thought he'd give Paris a try once again after his harrowing first experience.

First stop on the agenda was to do the token tourist thing and get his shot in front of Paris' grand Eiffel Tower. Sure, he could have photographed the tower in Las Vegas, but it's just not the same. Getting a good snap of the iron structure is not as easy as one would think, as it is almost impossible to take one without getting a pile of dog crap somewhere in the shot.  Spud was shocked to find that the Paris streets are literally paved with countless splotches of canine fertilizer!   Perseverance paid off though, and the tuber managed to secure a spot that was free of 'encroachments'.

One can not visit Paris without also making a sojourn to the Louvre to see it's collection of antiquities and masterpieces from the world's great artists.  Spud is not much of a museum fan, but he overheard from some others that the Louvre had a special engagement showing busts. They also mentioned some of the girls that would be there as well: one named Mona and the other called Lisa. Suddenly his interest piqued. With visions of scantily clad lingerie models parading up and down a runway the tater didn't hesitate to rush to the museum with admission in hand. 

Unfortunately, the only 'busts' that were there were of old Roman and Greek emperors and neither Mona or Lisa were to be found.

Feeling somewhat let down in that he just spent 45 francs for nothing, Spud headed to the nearest cafe' to drown his sorrows in a vat of beaujolais.

Not exactly the kind of 'busts' Spud was hoping he'd find at the Louvre

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