Spud tries to pose for a shot at the Place de la ConcordeFrance
In November of 1997, Spud had planned a month long excursion to Paris where he had hoped to savour the deep red wines, exotic cheeses and oven fresh baguettes of the street side cafes. Unfortunately, the trip wound up being a dash for his life from the paparazzi.

It all began after being recognized on a roadside near the Eiffel tower. A small Parisian boy kidnapped Spud whilst he was posing for this photo. Concerned passers-by witnessed the incident and gave chase. The boy was caught a few blocks away and roughed up by his mother.

The local tabloids (always eager for stories involving famous North American celebrities) quickly got word of the melee and pounced on Spud attempting to get photos of the plastic icon in a compromising position. Spud led a chase through the capital and fortunately managed to keep one step ahead of the crazed journalists. The pressure being too extreme, he decided to postpone his pleasure trip until a later date.


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