Bobbie Spud reports to Piccadilly CircusUndercover in Soho

One day while Spud was sitting back enjoying a stock car race on television, he received an urgent page from Interpol on his pager; the message calling for the tater's assistance at Scotland Yard in London. Always eager to help his brethren overseas (not to mention take advantage of a free trip), Spud hopped the next plane to Britain's capital to meet with the Chief Inspector.

Spud dons his leather boots, his pierced tonugue, tattoo and mohawk in order to seamlessly blend in with the folks of SohoSpud would learn that a suspected terrorist had landed in London and they needed to know what the heathen was planning. Infiltrating the underworld would have to be done discreetly, so the tater would have to go deep, deep undercover.

The tuber discovered that the man he was tracking was last seen in London's Soho district; frequenting the voyeuristic houses of bondage that litter the area. In order to avoid drawing attention to himself, the tater had to fit in with the local patrons. Sporting his pierced tongue and tattoo, this would not be much of a stretch; the only missing item was a mohawk. A really sharp razor and two cans of hairspray later he was ready...

Little did Spud know what lay in store inside the Raymond Revue BarWorking on a tip, Spud entered the infamous and notoriously sleezy Raymond Revue Bar. Inside, the tater melted into the shadows and surveyed the room. Beautiful, statuesque women strode through the dense clouds of smoke that filled the tiny enclosed area. Finding himself frequently distracted with the surrounding scantily clad beauties, Spud pulled out an extra set of eyes from his rear compartment so as to keep one set looking for his man, while the others could continue to indulge in the sexy showcase.

After scanning the bar intently for well over an hour, Spud surmised that the suspect wasn't in the room. Just before the tater was ready to leave, he decided to check 'backstage' to see if the dubious fellow had slipped into one of the dressing rooms. Much to Spud's delight err, dismay, the only thing he found back there were more of the buxom dancers in various states of undress.

That is, until the tater entered the last room and found the suspect sitting at the makeup table, dressed in baby-doll lingerie and 4 inch stilettos. Spud almost choked on his tongue ring when he realized that each of these 'beauties' were in fact, men dressed in drag!  It would appear that the only thing this guy was planning was how he was going to wax his armpits that night!

Spud's screams of terror could be heard for miles as the tater fled the bar and headed straight for the airport.



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