Spud prepares to scour the black waters of Loch Ness in search of the great serpentScotland
The beauty and history of the British Isles extended outside of England deep into it's northern neighbour, Scotland. Spud knew that he would not be able to go there without taking time out to search the black waters of Loch Ness for it's fabled monster. After setting up camp in nearby Drummnadrochit, Spud spent an intensive three days scouring the Loch for any sign of the beast. In that time he found two tires, a rubber boot and a waterlogged package of shortbread, but no sea serpents - unless of course, you count the hundreds that were in the gift shops of the neighbouring towns.

The fog rolls eerily across the boggy land of the Outer HebridesHis next adventure took him far into the Outer Hebrides off the north western tip of the Scottish mainland. These fog-laden islands comprised of rock and bog were something clear out of a horror movie! Spud's attempt at the local language of Gaelic proved to be a horror as well.

Exhausted from hauling his oversize backpack, Spud collapses after finally reaching the Callanish Stones on the Isle of LewisThe main reason for venturing to these islands was to see an ancient structure that was even older than Stonehenge; the Callanish stones. It was here that a civilization erected these stones in the shape of a cross which was believed to have an astronomical purpose (charting the rising and setting points of the moon).

Spud had to travel by foot for miles to reach this lonely site. Hauling his backpack, which was almost ten times his size, made for quite a trek. In fact, he was so exhausted that he wound up sleeping for 5 days until being woken by a Highland cow who thought he was a rutabaga.

Next on his itinerary lay Wales!



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