Spud stands upwind of Gassy JackBritish Columbia
Spud had traveled to B.C. many times in the past, but never managed to get any photos as it seemed to always be raining. The gods showed pity though, when he ventured there in March of 1998. His favourite place to visit in the past was Vancouver's Gastown. It's vast array of quirky shops huddling along a cobblestone street was a magnet for tourists and they don't come more 'tacky' than the Spudster! He seized the opportunity to pose alongside a statue of the founder of this area, Gassy Jack, who got his name from the large baked bean empire that he owned in Wisconsin.

Spud prepares to cross the rather unstable Capilano Suspension bridgeAnother big draw for tourists located just north of the city is the Capilano Suspension Bridge that spans a gorge above the river of the same name. Spud was shocked to find that there was an admission charge (a fairly hefty one at that!) just to get in and see it! Being the cheap potato that he is, he slipped beneath the turnstile when the gate keeper was distracted and hustled to the bridge for a quick look. Yep, it was definitely a bridge… Less than impressed, he snapped a quick photo to remind himself that he had 'been there..done that'

Spud takes the helm of an unsuspecting sailor's yachtVancouver's proximity to the Pacific Ocean is a mecca for boaters of all types. Spud is an avid paddler at home in Ontario, but here in the big water he wanted more of a challenge - sailing! It took almost 3 hours and a case of scotch to convince one of the local skippers to cough up his boat for a few hours, but Spud prevailed! Manning the helm (which is a helluva task when you weigh less than a pound and measure only 7 1/2" tall!) he took to the seas of the Juan de Fuca strait in a 25 foot yacht. After 2 hours of chasing killer whales, he returned with only 4 holes in the bow and a foot and a half missing off the keel.

This kind of 'big house' Spud doesn't mind visiting!Spud saved the highlight of his trip for last; visiting a Big House where the wondrous totem poles are released from their wood encasements by northern Indian tribes. From these great artisans, the potato learned of the ancestry and mystery that surrounds each of these incredible works.

Spud admires the totems hewn by the Coastal IndiansStanley Park in Vancouver is home to a group of many of these totems and Spud went there to hear 'the spirits talk'. There was a deaf calm over the area when he arrived. Because of his lack of ears, his hearing was not the best. To contend with this impairment, he moved closer to the wooden sentinels to listen for the 'spirits' the Indians spoke of. Still nothing… Closer and closer he moved until he was inches away from the mouth of one of the great figures. It proved to be too close..

A massive totem tries to ingest poor SpudThe massive monolith snapped out and thrust Spud into it's jowls. Completely stunned, the plastic orb scrambled to break free of the death grasp the totem had. Wriggling and writhing, Spud desperately tried to escape as the menacing figure continued to ingest him. Still grasping his camera, Spud managed to blind the totem with its flash. The shock of the intense light caused the figure to loosen his grip and out Spud fell to the ground. Scurrying away as fast as his plastic feet could carry him, the potato fled for the airport. His love for totem poles was long gone…




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