Firmly ensconced in front of the tube with his nightly feed of nachos and salsa, Spud received a call one night from a friend frantic for help. His friend owned a NASCAR Winston Cup race team and needed a driver for the upcoming weekend race at Talladega, Alabama; home to the world's fastest super speedway.

Spud climbs into a 700HP stock car

Knowing Spud's fascination for race cars and his love of the sport, his friend offered him the chance to participate on the revered track. Without hesitation, Spud boarded the next flight in time to climb aboard the #75 Ford Taurus in an attempt to qualify for the Winston 500. The thrill was short lived though, as officials at NASCAR prohibit inanimate objects from driving.

Dejected, Spud is forced to watch the race from the stands...

Dejected, but still eager to see the race at the immense 2.66 mile facility, he bought a grandstand ticket from a scalper and took a seat with the other 150,000 or so fans. Although the ticket cost him and arm and a leg, the tuber was fortunate enough to bring along spare appendages.


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