Surfin' USA

Surf's up dude!!

Eager to break free from his typecast role in Toy Story 1 & 2, Spud packed up and flew south to Huntington Beach, California to audition for a part in the new season of the blockbuster hit TV show, BAYWATCH.

Spud had learned that they were looking for someone who was athletic, well tanned and a magnet for women. While Spud fit the bill admirably in most respects, he knew the competition would be tough. To help him achieve the right 'look', he dropped by to see his pals on Hollywood Boulevard to get a new ring for his tongue and to get a wild purple coiffure.

To top it all off, the tuber picked up an authentic Big Kahuna surfboard, threw it in his woody, cranked up the Beach Boys and motored down to the surfing capital of the world.

When he arrived, the beach was crawling with lifeguard wannabes and bikini clad sun worshippers.. Spud had never seen so much plastic and silicone in one place.

Eager to show off for the show's producer, legend and screen god David Hasselhoff, Spud grabbed his board and ran out into the foaming waves.

His testosterone level was much higher than his sanity that day, as Spud had never surfed before in his life. This became painfully evident as he was battered from pillar to post by the pounding waves. Soon after unsuccessfully attempting to Hang Ten, the pummeled potato was washed up on the beach; salt water pouring from every orifice. The tuber didn't know what was more painful: his bruised and beaten body or the torture of hearing the Beach Boys drone over and over and over.

Either way, he knew beach life wasn't for him.



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