Spud's 1995 trip brought him to the 'city of angels' Los Angeles, where he took time out to do some star gazing. Off to the Hollywood Hills he went in pursuit of famous celebrities. Armed with his Map of the Stars' Homes, you would think he would have no problem finding someone notable. Unfortunately, the only recognizable person he saw was the Fat Guy from the Super Glue commercials.

Spud heads to the Hollywood Hills

Undaunted, he returned again in March of 1998. Once again, he scoured those same hills hoping to catch a glimpse. In the process of trying to scale the massive wall of Madonna's 9 story castle overlooking Lake Hollywood, he was accosted by armed guards who proceeded to 'bust him up'. The sadistic security pulled Spud's nose off and forced it into his ear socket. Dazed and confused, he lay in a heap at the bottom of the long driveway. This was not the type of stars he wanted to see!

Spud finds his hero's star

Unable to break through the confines of the stars' private lives, Spud headed down to Hollywood Boulevard to take a stroll down the Walk of Fame. All the great thespians of our time were here; Bogart, Hope, Garbot, Travolta…

People obviously can't read the WET CEMENT signs at Gruman's Chinese Theater

The stroll of stars led to Sid Grumann's Chinese Theater where generations of great film stars are immortalized in cement. Spud sought out his heroes; eager to check out the size of their footwear. He was amazed to find that Bette Davis had smaller feet than himself!

After a day filled with fighting bodyguards and tourist mobs, Spud was in dire need of a rest. Enquiring at a local tavern as to where the locals go for peace and relaxation, he was told of the beautiful villa of Santa Barbara. Managing to tag along with a gang of Hell's Angels, he rode the 2 hour trek to the city aboard a Harley Davidson sidecar. The bike gang had organized a day tour of the town featuring a trip to the Santa Barbara mission, shopping at Macy's and tattoos in the afternoon. Spud elected for the first two, but declined on the chance of having 'Mother' emblazoned across his face.

Spud sees the sites in Santa Barbara

Spud's next trip to the sunny South land came in January of 1999. This time, the traveling tuber was a guest at Universal Studios Hollywood where he discussed the prospects of making a summer blockbuster out of his life with Steven Spielberg!  The acclaimed director was thrilled of the idea of working with such a renowned figure, but ultimately the money just wasn't right. Rumour has it, the oscar winner is trying to entice Sylvester Stallone to play the potato head!  He's almost as hollow!

Spud raps with Spielberg

Whilst in town, Spud managed to catch up with an old friend that just happened to be in LA for a convention of superheroes. The webbed wonder was quite distraught that Spud had not been invited to participate. The tuber comforted his friend by reminding him that he was after all, just a plastic potato. Unfortunately, Spud wasn't able to hook up with his childhood love Wonder Woman as she was getting liposuction treatment in Century City.

Spud hangs with the web wonder

Spud returned to Hollywood in March of 2000 and meandered off the tourist trail.  It would prove to be a bad decision as he wound up getting much more than he bargained for.  Click here to continue Spud's adventures in Tinsel Town




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