Spud visited the tiny state of Delaware in May of 2008.

Spud marvels at the size of the 'bag o' drugs'

While the state may be small in size, the tater knew that Delaware was very important to US history in that it was the first state to ratify the federal Constitution on December 7, 1787 and thus became the first state of the Union.

Becoming the first of the United States was only one of their many important contributions to society.

Delaware is also the first place to ever hold a beauty contest in the US way back in 1880. Thomas Edison was one of the contest judges. Many believe that this event paved the way for the plastic surgery industry.

The state is also home to the very first John Deere tractor ever produced and the first place that the Stars and Stripes were ever flown

While Delaware has many claims to fame, they all pale in comparison to its crown jewel: the world's largest medical bag, located just outside of Wilmington. It was an attraction that the potato simply could not miss.

The enormous doctor bag measures roughly 10' x14' x6'. Spud believed that it was specially developed by the FDA to hold all the pill bottles associated with controlling weight gain. It not only holds the pill that 'curbs yor appetite', but it also needs to hold the pills that combat all of the side effects of the drug. Of course, those pills have their own side effects as well, and there's more drugs to fight those. Once all of the side effects are addressed, the behemoth bag is almost able to close by itself.

The bag is supposedly slated to go into production shortly and should be available at your local Wal-Mart if they can find a flatbed truck big enough to transport it.

Rumour has it that its purchase will come with a year membership to a noted rehab facility.

Spud watches Myles at work in Dover

Spud returned to Delaware in October of 2014 when he visited his inanimate pal, 'Myles' from the Monster Mile at the Dover International Speedway.

Myles was in the middle of 'deconstructing' the track surface so he wasn't able to visit long, however the few did have a chance to swap memories from NASCAR and Spud's many past adventures.



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