Spud trys to get his mojo working at the Playboy Headquarters

July of 1997 found Spud in the Home of the Blues: Chicago, Illinois.The trip was a feast of testosterone for Spud as it was filled with the three things that Spud likes most - Great Music, Great Sport and Fabulous Babes!

While in town, he was able to check out a great band at the House of Blues and drop by Hef's place - the Corporate Headquarters for Playboy magazine. Unfortunately, the only scantily clad person he saw there was the security guard; and he weighed about 250 lbs!

The tuber takes in a game at the famed baseball park Wrigley Field

One can't travel to Chicago and not take in a Cubs game. While there, Spud was relieved to find out that patrons at Wrigley Field were more apt to choose an old fashioned red hot than a baked potato for their ballgame snack.

As enticing as it may have been, Spud declined free tickets to the Jerry Springer show. Even as a plastic potato, he has far too many brain cells for that kind of entertainment.



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