Spud had suffered through a tough week of work and decided to blow off a little steam and unwind at a local Gentleman's Club. After a few wobbley pops he decided to call one of the Club's 'talent', a young lass named Dorothy, over for a private dance. The lovely dancer was wearing nothing but a smile and a pair of 5 inch ruby stilettos.

Either this chick suntans too much, or she's cast in bronze...

Soon Rick James' Superfreak belted out from the Club's sound system. Dorothy clutched the potato in a passionate embrace and clicked her heels together...the walls shook. Lights strobed in a chaotic dance through the muslin of dry ice clouds...then everything went black. Sometime later the tater awoke in the middle of a cornfield in Kansas.

The potato shook his head, trying to clear the cobwebs and wonder what had occurred. Dorothy was gone. The Superfreak had freaked out somewhere else. The Club was replaced by cobs of corn as far as the eye could see. Curiously, Spud noted an assemblance of yellow paving stones in the ground that seems to lead into the field. The tater decided to follow the yellow brick road.

Following the yellow 'paver block' road...

After winding over hill and dale for some time, the side dish finally emerged at the town of Liberty. There he was greeted by a young woman that looked eerily similar to the lass at the Club. Reaching out her hand, she introduced herself as Dorothy. The hair stood on edge on the back of Spud's neck...

Dorothy would prove to be a wonderful hostess, welcoming Spud into her home and feeding him a large helping of flap jacks. The gal told the tuber that her hometown of Liberty was famous for its pancakes, and that the breakfast favourite was celebrated each year in town with an official 'Pancake Day'.

These guys take their hotcakes seriously!

Each year, Liberty Kansas women would compete with one another in a flapjack flipping road race in pursuit of a trophy and immortality in the Pancake Day Hall of Fame. As Dorothy continued, Spud was convinced that this woman had lost her mind. It was not until the two parted ways and the potato walked around town himself that he came across the official Hall of Fame location. It was clear that the Libertarians were starved for entertainment.

Kansasans must be starved for heroes...

Having never been to Kansas before, Spud thought he'd take advantage of seeing what other sites the heartland state could offer.

Thumbing through his tour books, the tato was surprised to find that Kansas is the home to The Cosmosphere, quite possibly one of the finest museums on space in the world. The 105,000 square foot facility is one of only three museums to display flown spacecraft from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. Needless to say, being a space buff, he couldn't pass up a visit. Perhaps he might also catch a ride back home on one of their rockets...

Rockets baby!  Now that's what I'm talking bout!


Show me more travels in the USA!

Show me more travels!