In the footsteps of Bonnie & Clyde

Not as riveting as seeing Dillinger's death pants, but it'll do...

After visiting Indiana and seeing Dillinger's Death Pants, Spud had acquired an odd fascination with the demise of famous gangsters of the 'public enemy' era of the early 1930s. His research took him to Louisiana where he visited the non-descript town of Gibsland - home of the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush museum.

Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow were the notorious robbers that terrorized the central US during the Great Depression. Together the love struck looters robbed everything from banks to gas stations and left numerous police officers and civilians dead in the process.

The brash, charismatic couple gained an almost cult like following for their antics, especially in the wake of the collapsing economy due in large part to the financial institutions and the public's resulting distrust of banks.

The museum told the story of the couple and how they eventually met their demise when they were ambushed by four Texas Officers that emptied their entire arsenal of 130 shells into the outlaws, their car, and countless innocent trees and bushes.

The marker has seen a better day

Spud drove to the ambush site, marked by a beaten monument, at the top of a lonely hill in the Bienville Parish just outside of Gibsland, hoping to find one of the errant shell casings that he could sell on eBay to help fund his travels. Sadly, no spent rounds could be found; only a number of discarded cigarette butts and an empty dented can of Mr. Pibb.


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