Spud picks up his honorary doctorate at Harvard

Spud traveled to Massachusetts in December of 1999 in order to receive his honorary doctorate in Applied Agriculture from Harvard University in Cambridge. The degree was a high honour that Spud was deeply proud of - especially after being refused admission to Oxford University in 1987 on the grounds that he was a potato.

Even though he had already graduated from the Hampstead School of Legumes in 1989, he was equally happy to be recognized once again by a prestigious school such as Harvard.

To celebrate this marked occasion, Spud decided to head into nearby Boston to the Bull & Finch pub (inspiration for the long running hit TV series Cheers) for a wobbley pop or two.

Off to Cheers to celebrate!

Much to his chagrin, the inside of the pub didn't look a thing like the set used on television - nor were there any celebrities on hand. Fortunately, the house draft beer was mighty tasty (for American stuff) and Spud was sure to get his fill.

Maybe one two many wobbley-pops...

Ignoring warnings that he shouldn't drink on an empty stomach, Spud wound up sucking back pint after pint of the foamy nectar - claiming he doesn't even have a stomach!  It didn't take long for the plastic potato to wind up face down in his beer mumbling show tunes.  We're not sure if it was his incessant drooling or his gurgled rendition of "Oklahoma!" that finally forced the bar staff to escort him to the door.

After waking up on a park bench in Boston Common the next morning, Spud's head was about twice it's normal size. Agonizing with a brutal hangover and not a penny to his name, he stumbled to the Congress Street Bridge for relief. Barely able to stand, he jumped (with thermos in hand) into the Fort Point Channel - site of the infamous Boston Tea Party in the hopes of scooping himself out some of the historic beverage.

Spud learns Boston's tea is not all it's cracked up to be

Needless to say, after 200+ years, the tea may have steeped a little too long...either that or the additions of petroleum, toxic waste, acid rain and sewage may have caused the taste to be somewhat revolting.




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