Spud obtains a black market passport to  escape his captors in SingaporeSPUD escapes!!
After being held captive against his will for nearly two months, Spud managed to foil his kidnappers in an elaborate escape from the basement of a sweat shop in Singapore where he was held. The potato was forced to make running shoes, along with hundreds of other captives, for Kathie Lee Gifford.

Spud arrives at the ferry terminal For weeks the tuber planned his escape. Knowing that the trade of organs for transplant was big business in the underworld of the black market, Spud managed to sell his eyes and his left arm in exchange for a passport. Fortunately, he had replacements!

He kept his eyes peeled on the thugs responsible for his incarceration…waiting for the perfect opportunity. His big break came when he hid in a shipment of rejected insoles bound for Taiwan. Knowing his absence would be detected quickly, he managed to jump from the container moments before being loaded onto a freighter.

The traveling orb wasted no time in fleeing the country. Hailing a taxicab, he raced to the ferry terminal that would take him to safety in nearby Bintan, Indonesia.

Spud unwinds at the Sedona Resort in Bintan, IndonesiaThe experience left Spud rattled. He had lost more appendages on this excursion than any other. Aching to recover, he checked into Hotel Sedona where he tried to unwind next to the resort's immense pool.

'This sure beats working in a sweatshop!'It didn't take long before Spud was himself again as he wrestled up a game of poker with some of the locals. Fortunately, they didn't know the game too well and the intrepid tuber beat the shirts right off them - not to mention their billfolds!




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