Spud wonders if the underside of the saddledome has a sticky blue surface...Alberta
Even though he now resides in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Spud considers his hometown to be Calgary, Alberta. Ever since first stumbling into the quaint mountain hamlet back in 1985, he has always referred to it as 'home'. He was ecstatic to finally return to Calgary in March of 1998 after 3 years of being away. Although it was for just a visit, he managed to check out all of his old stomping grounds: The police station, where he spent his first night in the town, the hospital where he spent years with his psychiatrist and then his recovery from his hit and run and mountain climbing accidents… He used to love taking his inanimate friends to the top of Scotchman's Hill and ask them why the saddledome looks more like a feminine hygiene product than a saddle…

Spud at home in the rockiesSpud only had a short time to see the sites and he couldn't pass up a day trip to the mountains. After a day of shopping in Banff, he ventured into the backcountry for some winter hiking near Mt. Rundle. Two hours of trudging through the snow into the deep woods he ventured, leaving all traces of humanity behind. Spud opened his body and took out his tent and stove, preparing for a wilderness dinner in this secluded part of the world. A traditional camp feast of back bacon and lake trout would serve as the night's culinary delight. There was an odd smell that plagued the air as Spud hovered over the hot stove (the smell was like that of sweat socks that had been in a pair of sneakers for a couple of weeks). The stench was coming from a golden glow of light hovering behind a clump of bushes a few yards away. Peering closer at the source of the disruption, everything became immediately clear; a McDonald's had been opened in the backcountry.

Spud's homeland had gone to pot.




Spud goes skiing in the Rocky Mountains

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