Spud admires Dillinger's magic slacks

Spud traveled to the state of Indiana for the first time in August of 2013. What better way to celebrate his inaugural visit by touring a museum dedicated to the life and times of their proud son: John Dillinger; Public Enemy Number 1.

The museum was located in a Welcome Center just off the interstate in Hammond, Indiana. What better way to welcome visitors to your state by memorializing a mass murderer and bank robber

The museum was jam packed with interactive exhibits chronicling the life and times of the notorious gangster and his co-horts. The highlight was seeing Dillinger's 'Death Mask' cast from his face whilst he lay in the morgue, and his "blood soaked" 'Death Pants' that he wore when G-men gunned him down back in the 30s. Spud found it curious to see that the blood has pretty much evaporated over the decades.

Spud was so impressed he made a noe to himself: "Don't throw away the plaid shirt i was wearing when I cut myself shaving last week. There's hope for it yet."

Seeing Dillinger's death pants planted a troubling desire in the potato to track down other notorious criminals from the 'dirty thirtys'.


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