Spud leads his potato brethren in protestHell No Idaho!
Spud was relaxing at home one day when he received a disturbing phone call from a fellow tuber in the state of Idaho. The frantic voice on the other end told Spud a tale of unspeakable horrors that were taking place in a biotechnology lab in the US Potato capital.

The tater learned that his fellow brethren were being kidnapped and tortured at the hands of crazed scientists who claimed they were testing an insecticide. The unknowing tubers were showered with a foul smelling liquid and then locked in a glass tank with giant potato beetles - where they were usually attacked and dismembered.

Enraged and horrified that the US government would allow such heinous crimes to take place, Spud organized a group to travel to the White House in Washington, D.C. to make these atrocities known to the President of the United States.

Spud gets the cuffs slapped onArmed with picket signs in hand, the potatoes congregated outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and began shouting out their dismay through the bars of the fence toward the Oval office. Soon a crowd of others gathered and began to show their support for the seething side dishes. Within minutes, the small protest had turned into an angry mob numbering in the hundreds, demanding a response from the White House.

The response came loud and clear shortly thereafter as the United States Park Police swarmed in on the fuming horde. While most of the crowd scattered, the potatoes (being without legs) were unable to flee, and were handcuffed & incarcerated for inciting a riot.

Spud was able to seek asylum at the Canadian embassy and escaped prosecution. Unfortunately, his brethren were not so lucky. Each had their eyes cut out, their skin peeled from their body and were boiled alive at 450 degrees fahrenheit. Those Americans sure take their capital punishment seriously!




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