Spud gears up to prepare his climb up FujisanShowdown on Mt Fuji

Ever since Spud's first trip to Japan he had always regretted not climbing one of the world's most revered and highly spiritual mountain peaks: Mt Fuji.

An accomplished climber summiting many great mountains in the past, it seemed a shame that he was so close to Japan's highest peak, but he had never attempted it. That needed to change, so the tuber decided to cash in some air miles and return to the Far East

Upon arriving at Tokyo's Narita airport, the tater collected his climbing gear and made his way to Tokyo where he would board the Shinkansen bullet train and head south east toward the district of Hakone where the majestic mountain calls home.

Unfortuately the mountain was shrouded in cloud cover and did not reveal itself. The only way Spud knew it was even threr was when he arrived at the trailhead for the climb: referred to by the locals as: the Fifth Step

The tater geared up and began the long climb up the steep scree slopes of 'Fujisan' which it is referred to as by the Japanese people. The towering volcanic peak climbs to an altitude of 12290 feet (3776 metres) and the tater was feeling the affects of the altitude change. Not to far into the climb the potato starting feeling a little light headed. A tremor of panic radiated through him as he envisioned that he might possibly be suffering the effects of pulmonary edema. Reality set in shortly thereafter when he realized that he felt light headed because he was a hollow piece of plastic.

After climbing throughout the night, the tato finally reached his lofty goal, shortly after sunrise. It was truly an awe inspiring moment as the morning sun broke through the thick cloud cover in the valley below. Spud shared this tranquil moment of solice at the summit along with about hundred or so other climbers that also snaked their way up the slopes to watch the sunrise from the base of a Shinto arch adorned with colourful prayer ribbons and bells.

Spud arrives at the summit of Japan's tallest peakDawn breaks in the Land of the Rising Sun

Not you again!!!The peaceful morning silence was suddenly broken by the chop of helicopter blades. The tater could not believe his eyes as he saw a large Huey private chopper emerge from thick cloud cover shrouding the Valley below. The helicopter continued to climb from the mist and soon found itself searching for a perch on the mountain's apex.

The tater turned to see who would disrespect such a sacred place as the door of the chopper opened.

The tuber was horrifed to see his arch nemesis emerge: The Travelocity Roaming Gnome.

The pompous dwarf jumped down onto Fujisan's rocky volcanic surface and began instantly complaining that there wasn't a paved pathway. He then proceeded to voice his distaste over the fact that the summit didn't have a decent tea house

The tato was enraged that the dunce-cap laden elf was so ignorant of a place held so holy by millions the world over. He had to do something...

Spud remembered that the Gnome travelled with bodyguards the last time and scoured the helicopter for any sign of his henchmen. Except for the pilot, the troll seemed to be on his own. The potato smirked with delight

Luck was about to run out for this leprechaun!

The tater hid behind a rock and waited for the troll to pass. The side dish then ambushed the gnome and wrestled him to the ground. By the time the dwarf realized what was happening, Spud was systematically corkscrewing him into the jagged lava rock of Fujisan's summit.

The gnome began sputtering expletives while an appreciative crowd gathered to witness the battle. Before long, the obnoxious elf was firmly screwed into the mountain, head first.

Spud installs a new golf teeSpud figured he was not just doing a public service by removing some unwanted trash, but he also knew that the Japanese people are avid golfers and he just installed a permanent golf tee atop of their favourite mountain, just in case anyone brings their clubs.


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