Who says London is not progressive?  They have public Dog Toilets all over the place!London

Spud landed at Heathrow in London on June 1st, 1989. Soon after stepping off the plane he was struck with the many differences between Britain and North America.

Spud prepares to ride 'the tube'The buildings were massive and the architecture and workmanship unparalleled. Double decker buses and black Austin taxicabs tussled for space on the crowded carriageways. Newspaper vendors barked headlines on street corners. Milk was being delivered to homes in glass bottles. Dogs had their own toilets. Yes, Spud was not in Kansas (err, Canada) any more.

Spud chose London's Underground system (the 'Tube') as his preferred mode of transport in the historic city.

You would think the pigeons would be fat in Trafalgar Square considering how much they are fed; but in fact, they have an efficient recycling system which requires the Square to be hosed down daily!There was much to see and do. From feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square to harassing the members of Parliament during question period, Spud kept himself entertained.

When the weekend came, Spud ventured to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. It was there that he got out his soapbox and voiced his anger due to the way his fellow potatoes had been treated over the years; Mashed, Boiled, Fried, Roasted, Scalloped, Baked… "Stop the Insanity!" he cried.

Spud pontificates at Speakers Corner in Hyde ParkA trip to London would not be complete, though, without a trip down the Thames river to Tower Bridge. This remarkable feat of engineering was truly a site to behold and a universal symbol of the city.

Spud admires one of London's many landmarks: the Tower BridgeSpud patronized a nearby gift shop in order to find a souvenir commemorating the event, but, regrettably, was told that they were all out of black velvet posters of the bridge.

Dejected, Spud decided to leave London and explore the English countryside .



Spud returns to London in 2001

Undercover for Scotland Yard

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