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Playin' Tumblin' tumbleweed at the foot of Cathedral Rock

Spud returned to his favourite state in June of 1999 to venture out and see more of what the great state had to offer.  The first stop on the agenda was a sojourn to Sedona to see the amazing red rock formations.  Cathedral rock was a favorite.

From there, the tuber headed east toward the Petrified Forest; a national park area that is home to countless trees that have been turned to stone over the course of millions of years. The amazing colour of the trees coupled with the barren, alien-like landscape was truly a sight to behold.

Playing the geologist at the Petrified Forest

The contrasts of Arizona are incredible - each region of the state has something entirely unique and appealing to anyone's taste. Spud was completely overwhelmed with it's beauty and decided to enquire about purchasing some land. Always a fan of the desert landscape, he decided to buy in the south amidst the grandiose giant Saguaros. He met with a fellow local to the area that agreed to sell Spud a couple of acres just north of Tucson. Papers were drawn up and signed, money exchanged and the deal sealed with a handshake.

Spud deals with a real prick

Unfortunately, Spud was in for a rude awakening. When he went to file the deed with the local land commission, it turned out that the land was owned by the Navajo Indians and could not be sold!  Spud was out 30 grand and didn't have a thing to show for it!  He should have known better than deal with a cactus - everyone knows their a bunch of pricks!




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