Toolin' around Georgia

Stone Mountain - Some may consider it a marvel...others consider it a rock...

Spud spent many weeks preparing for his first trip to the cotton fields of the American South. His training regimen consisted of 3 square meals daily of grits and biscuits with a 6pack of BUD. To help him adjust to the cultural differences and the language barrier, he subjected himself to marathon screenings of "Deliverance" and "The Dukes of Hazzard". Finally, he was ready to venture to Georgia - home of the peach and Billy beer!

Say...what's that growth?

Eager to immerse himself in the history of the great state, Spud had to visit the famed granite rock of epic proportion: Stone Mountain. The 825 foot high pebble was home to the world's largest bas relief carving - a memorial to the Confederates from the civil war. The sculpture of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson measured 90' X 190' and was truly a marvel to behold. In inspecting the detail of the work, Spud noticed that Davis appeared to have a large growth visible inside his left nostril. Knowing that millions travel to see the carving, the tuber brought the anomaly to the attention of the park wardens so that the growth could be 'picked' out

.Wolf Blitzer and the Turner contingent come to Spud's aid!

The park officials accosted the well-meaning potato, citing him a 'troublemaker' and had him forcibly removed from the area. News of the assault traveled quickly to the offices of media giant CNN in nearby Atlanta. A crack team of reporters assigned to the story rallied to Spud's cause and applied pressure to park maintenance crews to 'take care' of the nasal invasion.

Not wanting any unwelcome press, Stone Mountain officials remedied the situation and the anomaly was removed from Davis' nose.

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