Cracker Barrel 500

Spud returned to the great state of Georgia in March of 2000 after receiving a call from a friend who was the crew chief on a Winston Cup stock car.

Spud checks out Dale Earnhardt's set up just prior to the race

The team had been struggling with the setup of the car and just couldn't get their Ford Taurus up to speed.  Knowing that Spud's knowledge of front end geometry and chassis design is second to none, the crew chief invited his garden variety friend to come down to Hampton and consult for the team. Never one to let his friends down, Spud jumped aboard the next available plane. 

Spud tries valiantly to move the crash cart - to no avail...

Soon after arriving, Spud went straight to work: analyzing the wind tunnel results and taking measurements from the body templates.  After a few hours of tireless review, Spud recommended some changes and the crew went to work.  Hammering and pounding, sanding and reshaping, the hours ticked by, but the hard work was realized when the finished car rolled onto the course and obliterated the track record for qualifying.

Other teams marveled at  the remarkable turnaround the team had made. After hearing that their success was due to the influence of a tuber, many were seen rushing to the local grocery store to buy bags of baker potatoes.

Since NASCAR still hasn't amended their rule and allowed tuberous organisms to race, it was decided that Spud would be the jack man for the race instead. Unfortunately, being an inanimate hollow hunk of plastic, carrying a 70lb jack would prove to be impossible.  Once again, he would have to watch the race from the stands.



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