Spud gets his mojo working with a Georgia Peach

Spud propositions one of Georgia's finest

Spud made a special trip to Atlanta, Georgia to see Media Mogul Ted Turner so he could give him a slap upside the head for broadcasting reruns of "CHiPs" on TNT. The potato thought it was cruel and inhuman punishment to subject the American public to Erik Estrada 5 days a week.

Unfortunately, the tater didn't get his opportunity and was unceremoniously escorted out of Turner's headquarters by the broadcasting kingpin's legion of no-neck body guards.

Still having a bit of free time, Spud went down to the city's centennial olympic park to see the giant display of dancing water fountains. It was there that the 'tato spotted a lucious little number that looked ripe for the picking.

Spud gets kinky

Never one to miss an opportunity to mingle with the ladies, Spud rolled over and introduced himself to the sweet Georgia peach.

Her pouting, juicy lips enticed the potato's mind to race with evil thoughts.
The soft fuzz of her skin reminded Spud of the crushed velvet on his waterbed frame. The two soon became entranced with one another: their passion growing at a feverish pace...

As the two talked, Spud learned that the peaches in the American South are pretty liberal in their thinking. In fact, they think nothing of experimenting behind closed doors.

His mojo now shifting into overdrive, Spud seized the moment and asked if the peach would be interested in a little tryst with some whipped cream. A droplet of juice escaped the side of the peach's lips as she responded 'yes'.

The two scuttled off to the tater's burlap bag and proceeded to get down to business. In the end, the appetizer was infinitely more rewarding than the dessert. Spud would realize that peaches may sure look sweet, but when you get them in the sack, they're the PITS!!!



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