You should have seen the size of the worm that had bored itself into this guy!The BIG Apple

Hey! That's not New York City! Well you're correct. The REAL Big Apple is located in Colborne, Ontario! Spud happened upon the gigantic spartan when trying to get to 'the city that never sleeps' after getting some bum directions from a cabbage farmer just outside Toronto.

Being a vegetable, Spud didn't take kindly to being dwarfed by a fruit, so he bought a map and ventured southward in pursuit of Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.   

Spud hangs out with Lady LibertyIt was June of 1997 when Spud finally made it to the Big Smoke.

  1. As detailed in Spud's Story, his time there was short lived and unfortunately didn't include as many sites as he would have liked.

Spud finds himself in the heart of the propaganda machine - Times SquareHe did finally manage to hook up with the Statue of Liberty (for which he was fined for reckless endangerment) and you already know about his exploits in Times Square

Spud returned to New York City in October of 1998. He was in town to speak at the annual sour cream producers convention at the Waldorf Astoria. The gala was well received and Spud was presented with a foil wrap and a package of bacon bits for his troubles. As his flight was not leaving until the following morning,  he ventured to Madison Square Garden where he hoped he would get a ticket in to see the New York Rangers tangle with the Sabres. Distressed that the ticket stand wouldn't accept the bacon bits in trade, Spud was forced to deal once again with the scalpers outside the building. As expected, the tuber was raped and pillaged for the ticket...but he was in!

A ticket to see the Rangers do battle at Madison Square GardensMSG was an amazing arena - so much history has taken place within these walls - so many big names made there mark here - and now Spud had arrived. Oh how he dreamed to have his number retired and hanging from the rafters. In a way he kinda got his wish - after watching a snoozer of a hockey game, Spud was beaten to a fine pulp by muggers that jumped him for his bacon bits!  I guess you could say his number was up!

March of 2000 found Spud back in Manhattan and once again, he found himself in all kinds of trouble.  Click here to continue Spud's adventures in New York!



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