Spud gives the North East Power grid a BOOSTOn Thursday, August 14th, 2003, over 50 million people across Canada and the North Eastern United States were plunged into darkness in one of the largest cascading power failures in history. Panic and pandemonium ensued, fearing another terrorist attack had taken place.

Spud knew better. If Canada was affected by the massive blackout, then it certainly couldn't be the work of terrorists. No one attacks Canada; our 2 war ships and 3 jets are not a threat to anyone.

Meanwhile, the Independent Electricity Market Operator (IMO) was scrambling to identify the source of the problem in order to restore power to the massive grid system. No matter what they tried, the IMO was unsuccessful in securing a stable, uncorrupted power source. Hour after hour went by and there was no relief in sight. Desperate and despondent, political officials declared a state of emergency.

Spud heard the announcement through his battery-powered short wave radio and immediately jumped in his car and sped down to the emergency command center to offer assistance. The tater informed the energy officials that he would be willing to loan out his body to get the lights back on until the grid could be restored.

The power experts knew that the phosphoric acid found in potatoes generate hydrogen ions and act as a natural power source, much like a battery. They wasted no time in whisking Spud down to the generating station and hooked him up to the power grid. Within seconds, lights began appearing all over the city, and soon after throughout the province and into the States. Once again, people could experience the enjoyment of washing dirty socks, losing their money in Video Poker machines and slurping overpriced lattes; all thanks to a potato.




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