Spud arrives in Ontario in 1994Ontario
It was August of 1994 when Spud motored his Tuberossa across the border from Manitoba into Ontario. Following the Trans Canada highway North of Lake Superior, he was greeted with a landscape clearly different than the home he left in Calgary, Alberta.

Gone were the oceans of prairie farmland and the majestic Rocky Mountains. Ontario was an endless jigsaw of scattered land mass within a labyrinth of water. The rock and water of the Canadian Shield wreaked havoc on the roads and (coupled with Spud's plastic tires) made for an extremely rough ride.

Spud arrives in 'the Soo'The roads drastically improved when he finally reached the frequently mispronounced hamlet of Sault Ste. Marie.

It was there that Spud was almost crushed by a 10 ton gravel truck who slammed on the brakes at the last second upon recognizing the famed potato. The rest of the trip was uneventful and on September 1st, Spud finally arrived in his new home; Toronto (pronounced "Teronno"). 

Spud visits the site of the world's largest syringe...the CN TowerToronto is probably best known for having the world's tallest structure - the CN Tower. Standing at 553.33m (1,815 ft., 5 inches), the tower offers great views of the city and Lake Ontario. Aside from being an important telecommunications hub, the tower is also the mascot for a major international syringe manufacturer.

Spud admires Wiarton Willie's sexual prowess...In the few years that Spud has spent in Ontario, he has made only a few excursions to explore his new surroundings. In July of 1996, Spud ventured north to the Bruce Peninsula to visit with Canada's weather forecasting rodent; the albino groundhog Wiarton Willie. Turns out that Willie has quite a gig going for he had a harem of vermin with which to frolic. Spud was envious of his new found friend's job. Where else can you go to work, consistently make mistakes and still be assured of your job at the end of the day?

Well it may be big, but it's only worth about 3 cents in the US!Later that year, Spud managed to travel northward to the famed nickel mine in Sudbury to see the BIG NICKEL.

He found it ironic that when trying to pay the admission required to access the coin, the cashier didn't have enough change for Spud's bill. 

The tuber gets dangerously close to the mouth of Niagara FallsAlways a fan of the wonders of Mother Nature's world, Spud could not pass up the opportunity of visiting one of her greatest spectacles; the cascading waters of Niagara Falls. The opportunity came in October of 1998, when he was in the market for a heart-shaped bed. Knowing that Niagara Falls was a mecca for the 'cheesiest' in romance, he thought he'd find the best selection there. First though, he had to check out the Falls.

To get the full experience, he had to go right to the edge where the Niagara river plummets to the rocky surface hundreds of feet below. Looking down at the intense drop, the tuber wondered how stupid one would have to be to willingly throw themselves into this abyss inside a barrel. Peering ever-closer to the edge, a sudden gust of wind picked up the potato and whisked him into the raging torrent and over the Falls!

If only I had a barrel...A few miles down river, the waterlogged tuber washed up on the rocks. Appendages and body parts littered the area in and around where the potato finally came to rest. Battered and disfigured, Spud was rushed to a nearby hospital to undergo emergency plastic surgery and reassembly. He never returned for the bed.

Spud roasts up some marshmallows over his backcountry campfireSpud continues to venture into the backcountry of Ontario on his off weekends so that he can enjoy all of the joys the outdoors bring: Running from black flies (which isn't easy if you're a plastic orb), avoiding the risk of melting while roasting marshmallows over a camp fire and sun tanning in order to retain his golden lustre.

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