Spud portages his raftWHITE WATER!

In June of 2001, Spud decided to head to Northern Ontario in search of the raging waters of the Ottawa River.   The tuber had recently picked up an inflatable self-bailing raft using some of his royalties from Toy Story 2, and was eager to try it out in the White Water.

Spud discusses how to run the rapids with a fellow rafterThe swirling torrents of the Ottawa River draw water enthusiasts from all over Canada and the northern United States, so Spud wasn't surprised to find a number of them when he arrived. 

Having his own gear, Spud looked like a true professional as he launched his boat into the estuary. He scoffed at the others that dotted the shoreline; outfitted in big orange life jackets and helmets - somewhat resembling giant fire hydrants. Real pros don't need all that stuff, the potato mused as he cinched his headband across his forehead.

Before Spud sailed out to attempt his first rapid, one of the 'hydrants' came over to offer some advice about the safest passage through the churning waves. Spud listened graciously, but the tater wanted to take a more aggressive route than what was suggested.

Spud runs the rapids!Ready to battle with the elements, Spud pushed off and paddled his way to the head of the rapids.

Almost instantly, the surging current grabbed hold of the potato's tiny craft and sucked it into it's whirling vortex. The tuber was shrouded by a deluge of pounding white water that pummeled the raft and it's hapless occupant. 

The next thing the tater knew he was completely underwater fighting the ruthless undertow; his boat and paddles swallowed whole by the voracious appetite of the mighty river.

Fortunately for Spud, one of the other rafters saw the tuber in turmoil and managed to pull the potato to safety.

Sporting numerous scrapes & bruises and coughing up a small lake of ingested river water, the thankful side dish began to see the logic in wearing a helmet and life jacket.

Maybe a life jacket may have been smart after all...

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